Powering Sustainable Solutions through Collaboration, Innovation, and Value Co-Creation.

Link America is a high-growth supply chain management and professional services solutions provider to network service providers, enterprise operators/users and their supply chains. 

Through collaboration with its strategic partners in the United States and Latin America, LinkAmerica provides value added services not only to its customers, but its customers’ end users. Our staff of certified technical and business professionals consistently provide excellent customer service, competitively-priced solutions, as well as dedication to quality, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility in all our business practices.

     WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: We set the standard in communication
     technologies supply chain management practices by upholding quality, efficiency, and
     productivity allowing our customers to have the products they need when they need it.
   CRITICAL COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS: We connect people through innovative
   wired and wireless communication technologies to enable communities to become the
   smart cities of tomorrow.
   MANAGED SERVICES SOLUTIONS: We create the best customer experience for
   people across the Americas through a managed human cloud, making technology simple
   and business friendly.