Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing well while doing good at the same time

As a global enterprise, LinkAmerica is committed to exemplary corporate citizenship in both its policies and behaviors. The firm’s values of collaboration, innovation, and value co-creation permeate its business activities. With collaboration and innovation, we help customers meet society’s needs, both today and in the future. A successful Recycling Program was an important part of recently being EMS 14001 Environmental Management System Certified by ULDQS.  Also, LinkAmerica respects its internal and strategic alliance team members, those working for our customers, and those in the countries and communities where we do business. We believe sustainable solutions rely on collaboration, and much of our work is based around knowledge exchange.  Therefore, we work to understand our customers' needs and design our innovations around these, as well as share our systems, technologies and best practices.

In practice…

As part of our CSR program at Link America, we donate human and financial resources to St. Jude’s Hospital and Parkland Hospital. Moreover, we adopt a family on Easter Sunday and provide dinner for them. The following are other ways that Link America and its CEO have contributed to our community locally and the communities in which we do business: 


Beneficiary/Need Strategy Implemented Resouces Commited Benefits Delivered
‘09-‘ 10 Convention Vice-Chair USHCC 31st Annual National Convention  Corporate Sponsorships
Olympics Strategy
450 man hours (1 year) $320K cash; $120 In-kind
10 CEOs of Fortune 500 participation
‘08-’Present Board Parkland Hospital Foundation Grassroots Outreach and Engagement 350 man hours (3 years) Linked hospital to the multicultural community with first-in-kind stakeholder program
’05-’10 Board Vice-Chair Hispanic Leadership Institute Strategic alliance with colleges, universities, and armed forces to enable scholarships 100 man hours 2009: $1.125 million raised in Hispanic Scholarships 
06-Present Founder North American Institute for Children’s Advancement (NICA) Break the “Poverty Cycle” by teaching young leaders skills needed by market
Enabling young leaders to contribute economically to their communities
270 (3 Years) “BETANIA” School, education and support of magnet leadership school program in Chinandega, Nicaragua.
Trained over 800 youths in carpentry, welding, cooking, and sawing trades