We connect people through innovative wired and wireless communication technologies to enable communities to become the smart cities of tomorrow.

Smart Communities

We promote synergy between the public & private sectors, with the mission of integrating solutions to empower communities to live smarter.


School Tracker

Safety and security solutions for schools. Monitor students inside facilities from anywhere, anytime from any type of mobile device


Asset Tracker

Monitor assets from anywhere, anytime from any type of mobile device

3.311 (1)

311 Analytics

Map-based interactive dashboard for supervisors. Monitor departments ticket trends.


Mobility Analytics

The easy-to-use map-based visual dashboard captures a trillion data points to provide accurate and anonymized people movement and behaviors for city departments and agencies (1)

Video Analytics

Analyzing your current surveillance videos to improve safety and
your operations

Safety a security solutions for schools

Monitor students inside facilities from
anywhere, anytime, from any type of mobile device!

School Tracker combines the power of cutting edge IoT Technologies with cost- efficient hardware tags to enable monitoring and control of students within schools; using intuitive & user-friendly 3D Map representations of your facilities.

Monitor assets inside facilities from
anywhere, anytime, from any type of mobile device!

The solution is easily adaptable to any type of space
or buildings from warehouses, sports facilities, office spaces or manufacturing facilities.

Equipment as a Service

Is our blueprint for pervasive, software-driven wireless WANs based on
4G LTE -and soon 5G-services that let organizations connect people, places and things everywhere

Security Operations Center

Integrates different products and security tools, standing out from traditional security services by offering end-to-end network monitoring vulnerability and cyberthreats management through online services

Managed Services Solutions (MSS)

We create the best customer experience for people across the Americas through managed human cloud, making technology simple and business friendly.

Services are performed with a majority of nearshore resources located at centers of excellence in United States, Costa Rica and Colombia.

We provide

  • Pre-sales network design & engineering
  • Post-sales support & optimization
  • A complete suite of nearshore IT Managed Services
  • Software development, software testing & maintenance

Warehouse Management Solutions  (WMS)

We provide forward and reverse logistics services that reduce cycle times and addvalue across the complete supply chain through storage, kitting, light assembly, rack & stack, and bulk shipment receiving from nearshore and offshore locations.

Critical Communication Solutions (CCS)

We offer mission critical solutions for the education, healthcare and local government sectors. Other applications include construction, warehousing and hospitality sectors.

Andres Ruzzo

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Andres came to the United States in 1980 and earned an engineering degree at Texas A&M University. After working in Houston in oil exploration and then commercial real estate, he moved to Dallas in 1992 to pursue his career as an entrepreneur, and founded LinkAmerica in 1994 as a firm that sold refurbished equipment within the communications industry. From 1994-2001, business boomed. Then, due to extended reductions in the capital and expense budgets in telecommunications industry, business experienced a sustained decline. By 2007, Andres was close to putting LinkAmerica into bankruptcy.

In the midst of this period of intense challenge to his spirit and capabilities, he recognized the importance of “thought leadership” and innovation in creating measurable value for LinkAmerica’s customers in metrics important to those customers.  With this new direction, Andres transformed the company from one that focused on the end of life management of mature network technology to one that focused on providing innovative logistics solutions and a suite of technical professional services. The success of this strategy led to LinkAmerica’s ranking in 2011 as the second fastest-growing Hispanic company in the U.S. (Hispanic Business Magazine’s “100 Fastest-Growing Companies”).

Thanks to Andres’ visionary and innovative reinvention of the company, LinkAmerica has sustained double-digit percentage annual revenue growth from $12 million in 2008 to $214 million in 2011. The revenue outlook for 2012 is $250 million. According to Andres, “In the business world, it’s about persistence, commitment and faith.” Despite his direct impact on the company’s success, Andres believes it is not about him, but rather, how he is using the talents and opportunities God is continuously providing.  He believes the actions that have made him a strong leader are due the positive influence his faith has had on his life. His motto, which he has taught his own children since their infancy, is: “Choose your faith and live it on a daily basis, aligning your thoughts, words, and actions around it.”

Mariano Nieto
Mariano Nieto (General Manager – COO) holds a strong record as a senior executive. With more than fifteen years of international telecommunications and business experience. Mariano held several leadership and direct customer facing roles requiring engagement with senior and executive management. His strong business and finance acumen has served companies like Ericsson, Huawei Technologies and their clients to improve and streamline their business portfolio and operations throughout turmoil situations. Mariano enjoys solving complex puzzles and feels passionate about helping his clients to overcome organizational, operational and financial challenges. Mariano holds an MSc in Telecommunications Engineering from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and an MBA from University of Texas A&M.
Felix Vargas

Felix  Vargas was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, and came to the U.S. to complete his college education. He began his career as a design Manufacturing engineer working for Prime Computer in Massachusetts. Prior to Link America, he also worked for Lazo Technologies as the Engineering VP for 13 years; prior to Lazo,  he worked for Marconi Instruments as the VP of Customer Services responsible for developing an ISO-compliant calibration lab to supporting post-sales and existing customer base. His areas of expertise are operations, customer service, and Project Management.  He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and also holds a North Texas Soccer Association Coaching F License. His educational background consists of a BSEE/MSEE/MBA. He volunteers as a soccer coach, Christian ministry translator, and a Bible study teacher.

Fun Facts about Felix: He likes to snow ski, snorkel, and he and his wife are avid Salsa dancers.

John Stewart

John Stewart is P&L responsible for LinkAmerica’s Managed Services division, leading a team of highly-skilled engineering and project management professionals supporting US customers from the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia.

An executive who has managed a wide variety of technical and engineering enterprises, he has over 25 years of successful leadership in a multi-national environment, heading technical and business teams in a diverse range of industries — including digital rights management, satellite & internet broadcasting, software & systems development, green building design, and financial services.  He has worked in the US, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East, and his expertise with cross-cultural international teams provides him with an unusually deep understanding of how best to leverage the modern global organization. 

His work experience ranges from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, including:

John holds a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering and a Master's in Business Administration, with honors, from the University of Utah.  He also earned a professional certification in software programming from the University of California Irvine.

Fernando Avelar

Fernando Avelar is a result-driven professional with almost 20 years of outstanding experience in Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing, and Project Management. Prior to joining Link America in June 2012, Fernando worked for corporations including General Electric, Starwood and Telefonica in the U.S.A and Latin America, developing new business strategies and implementing technical framework to meet challenging multinational business demands. Fernando was born in Mexico City and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a post-graduate degree in Telecommunications. Fernando was recognized as one of the 15 best IT leaders in Mexico by InfoWeek magazine in 2005, and has also taught at the Technological University of Mexico, BCS level.

Fernando loves spending time with his family; he is a sports enthusiastic and enjoys playing tennis and jogging.

Cindy Viana

Cindy Viana has more than  twenty years experience in the legal profession as a paralegal.  Cindy is a graduate of the Executive Secretary School of Dallas and some of her achievements include being a Co-Owner/Partner of TASS, contract paralegal services and a Licensed Realtor.

Cindy has been a valued member of the LinkAmerica’s Team for the past three years.  Cindy is the primary liaison between Link America and our Customers and OEMs.  Cindy attention to detail and ability to always put the customer first has proven to be an asset, as well as, contribute to the revenue growth for Link American since 2010.  Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, organizing daily logistical operations, including purchasing and maintaining inventory, order fulfillment, and distribution.   Cindy ensures on-time delivery of goods to our Customers, by investigating and resolving any detention issues.  Cindy continues work closely with the Link America Team in the development of new ways Link America can add value, co-collaborate, and co-create with our OEM and/or Customers.

Quincy Ragsdale

Quincy Ragsdale joined LinkAmerica in 2010 as a Warehouse Clerk working directly with two of our most important vendors and our most important customer.  He has more than seven years of experience in the Warehouse Management industry. Prior to LinkAmerica he served four years in the United States Marine Corp. were he managed the warehousing and distribution of ordnance and explosives to various training sites, while also completing two tours in Iraq.

Today he manages the Warehouse Operations which consist of more than forty- sixty thousand transaction a month, while maintaining a 100% on time delivery to customers. This has proven to be instrumental in the continued revenue growth of LinkAmerica. Quincy also works very closely with the executive team to explore new ways to add value, collaborate, and innovate. Quincy is currently attending Richland Community College and has aspirations of obtaining a Bachelors of Science degree in Supply Chain Management.


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Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) operates an extensive network of rail and bus services moving more than 220,000 passengers per day across a 700-square-mile service area.

Dallas ISD

Is a school district based in Dallas, Texas (USA). Dallas ISD, which operates schools in much of Dallas County, is the second largest school district in Texas and the twelfth largest in the United States.


The Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) is a network of seven community colleges in Dallas County, Texas (USA)


The NTTA is an organization sanctioned by the State of Texas to develop and maintain high-quality roadways in North Texas.  NTTA tollways are designed to relieve traffic congestion and get North Texans around the region quickly, easily and safely.